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I was on a good path… it was good for quite some time.

But now here I am, back seemingly where it all started.

My depression is back along with its trusty sidekick anxiety.

I go to work, put on a smile and treat everyone as though I have not a care in the world. I haven’t a need to bother anyone with my sadness.

I keep busy.

I made plans with a friend after working 15 hours today… I didn’t want to go home.

Here I am. Home.

I know, that if I were to put on another sad song- tears will start flowing… But why?

I was in such a good place, fearing that this day would come.

I know I can get through this… I know I am not alone. I just want to cry.

I find all these quotes that perfectly sum up my feelings… so I know I am not alone.

I still want to cry.

But, I am also tired and so I must go to bed… for tomorrow is another day for me to keep busy.

And maybe,

maybe some super most spectacular thing will happen and I won’t feel like this anymore.

I can hope.

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