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So apparently there’s something called stage zero cancer. But I feel like as soon as you hear the word cancer you automatically think the worst- at least I did. 


I remember exactly where I was, what I was doing, what my surroundings looked like when I received a call from a nurse telling me to call them back. I remember lying in my doctors office a few weeks earlier when he motioned to a nurse for something extra. That test then revealed I needed to have a further biopsy done. So I called my doctors office, told them who I was and that I was returning a phone call. The nurse gave me a long pause. Told me she had better get the doctor for me- did I say it was 6pm when I got this phone call, much later than the office was actually open. 

A test came back that I had precancerous cells… Located in my cervix. I was 19 when I heard those words for the first time. I was told there was an abundance of abnormal cells and the biopsy did confirm precancerous cells. It wasn’t cancer in its truest form but it could be. 

I distinctly think back to the time when I was maybe 5, at the doctors office waiting for my mom to come out… Shortly after been given forms. It wasn’t until years later I heard her speak about cervical cancer. 
I was 22 when I did cryosurgery. Three months later I found out it was unsuccessful so I tried laser therapy and burned those abnormal cells to hell. Every three months I went to my gyno to find out that most, but not all cells were gone. A year later I underwent another laser and at 24 I was deemed free of gyno visits every three months- back down to one a year. Yippie!

I’m 26, and it feels like I’m 19 again because the cells are back, in abundance with vengeance.