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This year has been one for the books. It was the year of me- for me. I have done quite a lot of reflecting and reminiscing about the past, from 10 years ago until today. I was trying to think what would my 16 year old self think if she knew the things I know now. Its strange to say that I wouldn’t change anything because from everything I have done, or places I have been… I learnt something.

I learnt… what family means… the value in close friendships… the ability to love someone more than I love myself… to forgive and to most importantly move on… to always trust my instincts… to persevere through tough situations… the healing power of a full bodied laugh…  to live in the moment… to always take the path less traveled…

Most importantly, I have learnt to love myself for who I am. I have learnt that speaking my mind and voicing my opinion directly correlates to who I am and who I strive my future self to be. I have learnt that risks are a necessary evil; that to get ahead you need to push yourself and aim for more.
Almost a month ago I quit my job because I wasn’t happy, and I couldn’t stand going into work… so I left. But, I left and I had a well paying job with benefits lined up ready to go. But I still wasn’t happy… I was craving more fulfillment, more… something. A first for me… but I quit after three weeks. It was great, the people were great, it was all great.. but it wasn’t great for me.

Now? Now I am so incredibly happy and excited about what my future has in store. Somewhere along the way this past year I forgot my promise to myself, a promise to always be happy. My one goal in life is to always be happy above all else. Now it’s time to love what I do as well. This upcoming month will bring a new positive, new goals to work towards and I honestly could not be happier.

Cheers to finishing off the year on the same positive note it was rung in with.